Women & Sports Injuries: How Hormones May Be Influencing Your Injuries

Did you know hormonal fluctuations that occur during your menstrual cycle could make you more prone to injuries? Studies have shown that ACL injuries, in particular, occur more frequently in women than in men participating in similar athletic activities. This is due to the way estrogen and progesterone affect how tissue remodeling occurs. Estrogen has been shown to decrease fibroblast and procollagen production, and progesterone may inhibit the production of collagenase, all factors which are important for tissue rebuilding and strengthening. In other words, the type of hormone a tissue is exposed to could affect the way that tissue remodels itself, altering its mechanical properties. Most injuries are reported to occur in the few days prior to the onset of menses and during the first couple days of flow. If you’re an athlete who is prone to injuries, this might be why. Acupuncture is excellent at regulating hormones, preventing injuries, and is able to help build and repair tissues that are both weak and damaged. Not only that, it ensures sufficient circulation is reaching the areas with the most stress, optimizing function and stability. Athletes who receive regular acupuncture treatments have more endurance, experience fewer injuries, recover more quickly from those injuries, and require less invasive measures when they occur.