Getting Enough Protein?

Getting enough protein daily can be a challenge for most people, especially when eating a vegetarian/vegan diet. Make sure you are keeping yourself healthy by educating yourself on ways to get the daily recommended amount of protein without needing to include more animal protein in your diet. Food pairing is a very efficient way to get protein. These pairings are called complimentary proteins. Foods that contain complete proteins (have all essential amino acids) include animal proteins, such as meat, poultry, dairy, and fish. Incomplete proteins only contain partial amounts of essential amino acids. By combining these incomplete proteins (complimentary proteins), you are ensuring you are receiving all the essential amino acids.

Examples of complimentary proteins are: combining legumes with grains, nuts, seeds, or dairy; grains with dairy; dairy with nuts, seeds or legumes. This ensures a simple way to get the nutrients you need without indulging in an unhealthy diet that adds a high risk of cardiovascular disease. There are many exciting recipes out there that help you include these complimentary proteins in your diet.